Council endeavours to find an equitable and sustainable balance between providing sufficient short, medium and long term parking to meet the needs of residents, shoppers, workers and visitors while encouraging the use of sustainable transport modes such as public transport, cycling and walking. 


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If you have received a Parking Infringement Notice, the due by date to pay the fine is printed on the notice.  See Payments for further details on payment methods

If the amount on the infringement notice is not paid within 28 days from the issue date, a Penalty Reminder Notice may be issued incurring further costs, or legal proceedings may be brought before the Magistrates' Court.

You may appeal the penalty notice if you believe you received it in error, or you believe there is a problem with how the penalty notice was issued, then you should write a letter which contains:

  • the infringement number
  • your name and postal address
  • an outline of your concerns
Please address your letter to: Local Laws, City of Ballarat, PO Box 655, Ballarat Vic 3353. Your letter should be received within 28 days of the issue date of the notice.
Time Limits

Time limits applied to parking spaces are necessary to ensure fair use and turnover of parking, allowing as many people as possible to have access to an area.

A time limit applies not just to the bay in which you have parked, but to a section of road or area. Once the time limit has expired you are required to move your vehicle out of the area. Putting more money in the meter does not cancel your obligation to move once the time limit has expired. If you choose to stay longer than the time allowed you may be fined.

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